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Below are some comments for Fighting Fit Central and MTG Taekwon-Do.

Mr Simon Varley:
A year ago Oliver joined the Olivedale club on the recommendation of a classmate. In the last year Oliver has thoroughly enjoyed his time at the club where Norman, Tanya, Arthur and other instructors have helped build his confidence and self respect. The club is well organised and disciplined with the competitions and gradings well prepared and professionally executed. Sadly we are leaving SA to relocate back to the UK but Oliver is keen to develop further the skills and appreciation he had gained for the teachings of Taekwondo. Thank you on behalf of Oliver, my wife and I for making us part of you amazing family. Hopefully we will meet on the international stage one day ! Kind regards Simon

Mr Zayd Gabriel:
Absolutely love it!!! A great learning experience. The instructors and fellow practitioners are super friendly and go out of their way to assist. It’s a home away from home. Thank you all for your efforts and patience.

Ms Sabena Shaik:
Taekwon-Do & Fighting Fit Kickboxing
These classes are amazing, such a fun way to learn a new art and also stay fit!

Dr Percy Miller
The thing which makes the club great is first of all the efforts of the instructors. All of the instructors are different, all of them provide a different way of looking at TKD, all of them have our interests at heart, and they do their best to make sure that we come up to scratch. The second thing which makes the club great are the people, all of the TKD people, who always do their best to help, and are all very friendly, right from the bottom to the top, from white belts to black belts.

Mr Sean Naidoo:
Sabum Richard is passionate about teaching and this shows throughout his classes. He is very informative, understading helpful but still badass. I love every minute of training and learning what is being taught. Cant wait for class tonight!

Mr Richard Girvin:
I have been Training with Magua Taekwon-Do since 2001.I had always been looking for do to a Martial arts and by chance I found MaguaTaekwon-Do and decided to give it a go.That was one the best decisions I have ever made. I am still training Under Sabum Nim Norman (I started training with Sabum Nim Norman and Denis Magua) and am currently a 4th degree Black belt.The magua Taekwondo group is like a big family, the training is effective, hard and very applicable to real life situations. I can only talk for myself, but it has made me strong physically and mentally,i am 44 and feel like i am 21.Taekwondo for me is the best Martial art there is, it covers everything you need to know to keep fit, to protect yourself to increase self confidence and to make you mentally strong, training is hard but fun at the same time.The Magua Taekwon-Do is a fantastic organisation who prides it self on the tenants of Taekwondo, courtesy, respect,integrity.If you are looking to join a martial art, then this is the one and this is the club.

Mr Derek Allen:
The level of instruction is at a very high level with emphasis on a sound foundation with the drilling of basic techniques and forms. Its up to the pupil to determine how far he/her wants to progress in this art in achieving a level of self defense and fitness with the guidance of skilled instructors.

Mr Simon Varley (Parent):
Oliver started at the club only a few months back and feels very welcome and supported. The instructors are professional and excellent with the students. Oliver feels confident and developing his passion. Thank you.

Ms Tejal Bipath (training since a child):
I have been doing Taekwon-Do for 8 years. In these 8 years I have managed to get my 2nd dan black belt, numerous medals from various competitions, a vast amount of support and discipline from every training session. When I first started, I expected that I would learn how to fight just like all the ninja movies I had watched. It wasn't easy but I did learn how to fight. However, Taekwon-do is not just simply being able to fight and defend yourself. It teaches you control, patience, courage and to be persistent even when things are tough. These are life skills that every person needs or to perfect. Besides the vast amount of skills you learn, there is also the fun that accompanies the training. Yes, there is discipline but one still needs to be able to enjoy the training sessions. Taekwon-do is a sport, it is fun, you learn a lot and it is different. I would recommend all age groups to join the club and learn not only how to fight like a master but be able to cope with daily stresses.

Mr Lunga Nodliwa (Parent):
My son loves his Taekwon-Do, his confidence level has improved and he always tries to uphold the value system from the training and that has had a positive influence at home and with his Siblings. Thanks a mil guys...

Ms. Mireille Nastri:
I feel so fortunate to be part of a club and federation that has dedicated and knowledgeable instructors who, besides having a love for Taekwon-Do, also know how to find the balance between discipline and fun! I always leave a training session with a sense of achievement and enjoyment.

Mr Cole Van Wyk:
I started taekwondo for several reasons, for example: to keep fit, learn to defend myself when necessary and learn good characteristics such as to be disciplined, humble, hardworking, etc. All of which have proven to take effect in my life and continues to drive me to be better than I was yesterday in every aspect of my life.

Mrs Susi Baird
My 8 year old daughter has been doing Taekwon-do for a few months now and absolutely loves it. She has gained confidence, fitness, and a healthy sense of competition that she didn't have before. Thank you Wendy and Norman

Tanusha Naidoo
This was super amazing
Thank you MTG Fighting Fit Central , Arthur and Rob...you guys were phenomenal...we took so much away from this course.
(MTG Fighting Chance Basic Self Defence course)

Mr Peter Stander:
As a youngster I always wanted to do Martial Arts but never could, due to being an orphan there was no money for such things. So as an adult I decided I'll start doing it and tried a few different styles of Martial Arts, eg Judo and Aikido but was never truly happy doing it. So that phase also passed but my dreams was always that I wanted to be a Martial Artist and become a Black Belt. Many years passed until I was told about Taekwon-Do. I had my doubts but decided what do I have to loose, so I attended one class for free, the Instructor immediately got my attention I was so amazed at his skills and abilities not to mention his power and techniques, I was blown away, I was like a kid in a toy store (a very old kid as I was already in my 40's 🤭). I couldn't wait for the next class, I  was wishing training could be every night.  

The way the President and Vice President of Taekwon-Do South Africa, Sbm Norman Magua and Sbm Denis Magua, was demonstrating was mind blowing. I realised I have found the art I have always been looking for, it took a lot of sweat, blood and pain as well as a lot of self training, especially me being much older than the rest of the students that was training with me. But what impressed me even more was that all the Instructors just didn't just tell us what to do, but demonstrate it and could do it better than anyone else in the Dojang, some seniors like eg. Sbm Richard Girvan, being about second oldest student would be such an inspiration and mentor, he would be skipping, jogging, shadow sparring or do bag work much quicker and longer and harder than any youngster in class. Doing Taekwon-Do is not about doing a sport or just some fitness activity, Taekwon-Do is a way of life it becomes part of your everyday life as the Taekwon-Do Oath and Tenets filters through on everything you do, whether you at work or spending time with family, or just even driving in town.

Taekwon-Do has become my passion and a way of life, it's given me opportunities to compete locally and abroad, and have been fortunate to represent my country at the elite Tournament of any Martial Arts, a World Championships, and have been Blessed to have won medals as well, all thanks to the coaching level and high quality and standard of Taekwon-Do in South Africa, and because of the help of my seniors and fellow students who is my inspiration and role models to make me strive to be like them one day.

I have also been privileged at these International Tournaments to have met, and competed against the best in the World and has become friends with fellow students who is World Class, as we are one big family in Taekwon-Do. Doing Taekwon-Do is a tough journey and you work for your belts, it takes commitment and dedication, only the best get to a Black Belt and funny enough that's when you only begin to really learn the art of Taekwon-Do, in the words of our President of ITF GM Choi Jung Hwa the son of the founder of ITF Gen Choi Hong Hi (the Father of Taekwon-Do), "As a student of Taekwon-Do you never stop learning, no matter what belt level you are", making Taekwon-Do so amazing because you always learning, you always improving never letting you stagnate, because you'll never reach the end of learning or getting knowledge from Taekwon-Do, it's like a circle its never ending.

So when you as an competitor stop competing it's not the end of the road cause you keep gaining knowledge and skills thay could be used in a self defence situation or should you be privileged to get selected to be an Instructor of this amazing Martial Art you give and share that knowledge with your students, and if you not an instructor you give assistance and knowledge to the junior belts to help them in there journey.

What a dream come true to be part of the Magua Taekwon-Do and what an amazing journey it has been for me so far, more than what my words ever truly can express, and more than what any person really would understand unless he or she i is a student of the World's best Martial Art called Magua Taekwon-Do (ITF Taekwon-Do) 👊. Taekwon

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