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Kids Taekwon-Do

Kids Taekwon-Do Class schedule:

Tuesday: 4:45pm
Thursday: 4:45pm
Saturday: 10:30am

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Further information:

Our MTG Panther (ITF) Taekwon-Do program for kids 7yrs to 12yrs uses children's fascination with martial arts to teach them a practical, age appropriate self-defense/bully repellent aimed syllabus while improving self discipline, confidence, fitness, flexibility, strengthening, co-ordination and many other countless benefits, both physical and mental.

Beginners, Male and Female all welcome!

Our Martial Arts training brings so much to the table in terms of benefits for a single activity. It would be difficult to find another activity which offers so much all round benefit.

We consider ourselves an all-round potent martial art. Essentially our classes are a traditional and reality based martial art as well as combat sport.  By training with us you get a broad spectrum of complete martial arts training in one class with self defence, traditional & sporting aspects all specialised in.

Training at the MTG Taekwon-Do clubs means. You will be trained to be an all round hand to hand martial artist. From the beauty & power to the practical & effective. You will be trained in the original version of Taekwon-Do (I.T.F.) with the signature MTG Survival Hosin-Sul (Urban self defence system) syllabus. Our training includes traditional, sparring (Taekwon kickboxing), breaking,  Survival Hosin Sul (urban defence), fitness, flexibilty, focus and promotes positive lifestyle. So if you are looking to be a Martial Arts athlete, traditionalist, a person with solid effective allround self defence skills or want to train for fitness or mental improvement. Look no further!

All in a positive environment for children to grow and reach their potential. For further info about what we offer please click here.

Closed on public holidays and occasionally the night before. (Please confirm)
The benefit of our Taekwon-do programme for young bodies and minds is vast. Improving discipline, character, fitness, flexibility and co-ordination all while learning how to better defend themselves through our all round dynamic martial art.

For more affiliated MTG Taekwon-Do clubs offering kids classes
around Joburg- please click  here
(Bedfordview & Northriding)

A special note for your information, in this world trend of quick fixes and sub-par offerings also rampant in the martial arts industry, unfortunately. Proficiency in our authentic Taekwon-Do Martial arts classes is a process and does not happen over night. We are not what is commonly referred to as a McDojo. If patience is not your thing, there are many styles out there that you could practically learn everything it has to offer in a month or older styles which are not on the cutting edge of body mechanics and modern training methods, many combat sports also incorrectly claim to be martial arts. In many cases their coaches would have qualified, or in many cases haven't, in a much shorter time than ours, also not holding any SA required cridentials or affiliations. Those classes could get you to a certan level soon but in the long run will fall far behind. Also many offer non-original Taekwon-Do. (We are directly connected to the source, being affiliated to the Son of the founder's organisation). Please also check out our Blog here which may also help give you a better understanding in this wide world of martial arts.

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