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Est. 2005
Martial Arts - Cardio Kickboxing - Self Defence

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Welcome to MTG Fighting Fit Central - Emmarentia!
- Martial Arts Gym & Fitness Centre -
Powered by Master Norman Magua and team, in the area since 2005.
Beginners are always welcome!

Please see our offerings below:

Our primary focus

At  MTG Fighting Fit Central is on cultivating an environment where each individuals goals can be acheived. Our aim is to improve lives in and out of the martial arts, through the intensive training of  MTG's Fighting Fit Centrals Martial Arts, fitness and defence programmes. Its about providing the platform to live your best life with confidence and health.
Did you know?

Master Norman has been teaching Taekwon-Do since 1997 with Magua Taekwon-Do being established in 2001 and is currently the highest ranked in the organisation TSA (Taekwon-Do South Africa) and was the first to be graded to 7th Dan Master level in SA in this organisation.

MTG Martial Arts framework is on the original (ITF) military style Taekwon-Do augmented with our specialised reality based urban survival self defence SHS (MTG Survival Hosin Sul), which includes useful aspects and techniques associated with a variety of martial arts and reality combative systems. Making our training uniqely all round with the positive benefits of traditional martial arts, reality based combatives as well as combat sports. All in one system!

Cardio TK Kickboxing being taught since 2001 and officially at FFC in 2005  for its fantastic health, fitness & basic self defence benefits (making our club one of the first to do this in SA and one of most experienced in SA).

MTG Martial Arts Taekwon-Do is the only club in the country directly connected to the original Founder of Taekwon-Do’s Son, Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, (known as military Taekwon-Do, as that is where it was first developed), therefore being the closest to the source of this diverse and impressive martial art.

Authentic Taekwon-Do is also the most modern of the traditional martial arts! Steeped in ancient asian martial arts techniques as well as western influenced techniques. All evolved and tweaked to be based on modern biomechnics and scientific principles which aims to build techniques which are efficient, powerful & also safer on ones joints/body.  

Our Martial arts classes are for all ages and not only reserved for the young and fit. Our classes suite all capabilities and we proudly have older members aswell. Authentic Taekwon-Do also is about much more than only kicking! While Tkd is known for its kicks, because they grab alot of attention, the entire body is used as a tool for self defence.

Taekwon-Do (styles as a whole) is the most popular and widespread martial art on the planet. Our ITF organisation is one of the widest spread martial arts organisations in the world in its own right.

Yes, it is a serious martial art, but great fun as well!

Conclusion to our introduction

If you would like to start a genuine martial arts journey or get yourself Fighting Fit.

Don’t hesitate!  

We hope to meet you when you come through as a guest and try one of our classes soon.

Our centre is based in Marks Park Sports Club in Emmarentia. We are nearby to Greenside, Melville, Linden, Parkhurst, Victory Park,  Franklin Roosevelt Park, Aucland Park, Northliff, Westdene, Blackheath, Cresta and surrounding areas.
Address: MTG Fighting Fit Central , Marks Park Sports Club, Judith Rd, Emmarentia, Johannesburg
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